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Hi there, I am Jerin John, an SEO Freelancer in India, providing strategic SEO solutions to help businesses grow online. With 6+ years of experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization, I help websites increase traffic on major search engines like Google and Microsoft Bing.  I am a Google, Hubspot, and Semrush certified SEO Freelancer India and have completed 100 + SEO global projects, and have conducted over  1000+ site audits. As an expert in On page, Off page and Technical SEO, I help boost the visibility of your brand by increasing traffic, creating great conversion rates, and thus helping you yield huge revenue.

Curious to Know How I Became

Top Freelance SEO Expert In India

The answer is simple; passion and determination!

My passion for technology and desire to master the digital world helped me become a top voice in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

Having seen the ups and downs in my journey, I can confidently say that your passion and perseverance can help you reach your destination, no matter how tough the journey is!

As a teenager, I was tech savvy, utilizing my leisure time to explore the digital world. I used to explore the digital space using my Facebook account. My budding marketing mindset made me curious about the working methodology of Facebook pages. Drawing inspiration from this curiosity, I started a media page and regularly updated the page with articles on trending topics. I was able to create a group for supporting pages and was successful in raising the page to 20k followers. Though this was  successful,  I sold the page, eyeing more digital ventures. 

Due to my deep interest in the field of technology, I aspired to choose the stream of Computer Science and build a career in the tech field. But my parents advised me to join the Commerce stream and take up a profession in Accounting. Though I complied with their wish, I continued with my passion and explored the realm of Facebook marketing. 

While doing competitor analysis, I got to know the importance of blogging. Though I had zero idea regarding blogging, I started a blog the next day and published an article after thorough analysis and research. I published about 10 blogs within a week and gained approval from Google Adsense without any rejection. Drawing inspiration from this success, I started multiple blogs and added content of my own. 

 As a self learner, I learnt HTML coding on my own and created a tech blog. Though I  was not much familiar with the keyword research then, I incorporated possible terms that users may search for, and this helped me to increase the visibility of my blog and gain more traffic. Structured and optimized content helped me reach out to a wide audience and share my thoughts with large readers . Out of pure curiosity and an exploratory mindset, I even developed a free Android app for my blog.

Though I did a Bachelors degree in Commerce, I always tried to find ways to follow my passion in technology and digital mediums and shape my career around the same. Then I came across  a video on Digital Marketing and its scope, viewing the same  inspired me to enroll in it. By this time I bought a laptop for myself and was more confident to try out and explore more in the realm of digital medium and marketing. So I enrolled myself for a Diploma in Digital Marketing, and  was guided and mentored by Jijo Joseph (a well known SEO Expert) and Manu Eapen (a well known Google Ad Expert). I started my career in SEO by working with Anjit VS, a well known Content Writer in India and explored advanced strategies of content marketing under him. 

Upskilling oneself is very crucial in SEO and is my passion. By attending various workshops and webinars I always try to update myself with the latest trends. Following Industry leaders like Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, Danny Sullivan, Barry Schwartz, Joost de Valk, Aleyda Solis, Eric Enge, etc. helped me to get acquainted with the latest SEO practices and strategies. Reading popular SEO blogs of Google Search Central (formerly Google Webmasters), Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Roundtable, Moz, Semrush, Ahrefs etc. enabled me to get wide and robust knowledge in SEO and train my juniors with the insights gained.

Meanwhile, I took up several freelance jobs and worked with various clients from different niches, and helped them rank their websites and yield profit. As a freelance SEO Specialist, I have a strong client base spanning across India, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Australia, etc. and the ranking of their website is proof of my expertise. 

My success is not purely due to my experience, it is also due to the effort I took to update myself by enrolling on various courses offered by top platforms. 

As a Freelance SEO Consultant, I Hold Certifications From:


Hubspot Academy


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    My Areas of Expertise as a Freelance SEO Expert India

    SEO being a constant factor for the success of your online business, investing on the same is always an asset. Hiring a best SEO Freelancer in India, like me, will always be  a great decision to take your business from less online visibility to be a top ranker in Google search results. My proficiency in On Page, Off Page and Technical SEO has helped my clients improve their traffic,  increase conversion rates, and reduce bounce rates. As the best SEO freelancer, I have the expertise of improving the ranking of a leading company in the writing industry 5 times greater than its initial ranking position. 

    My freelance SEO services have helped my clients to boost their income triple by investing in SEO alone. So if you are planning to hire freelance SEO expert, think no further; I am there by your side to be your partner in success. With my unwavering commitment and expertise, I will help you unlock the full potential of your business by providing effective SEO solutions.